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HATC: Celts/Lakers in control, Wizards are #1, and a possible NY Super Bowl

Tuben joins Nature Boy and Dave as they discuss the non-competitive NBA Playoffs, the Wizards luck changing, and some monster fines by David Stern... as well as the possibility of a cold-weather Super Bowl.  Top 3: Favorite Cereals Ever.

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HATC: LeBron rumors, NBA Conference Finals, & Caps news

Dave, Nature Boy & Tuben discuss last week's "egg" laid by the Cavaliers, the Delonte West/LeBron rumors, and preview the Conference Finals.  Also, a quick update on the Caps off-season moves, and a DC-oriented "One For The Road" by Tuben.  Top 3: Favorite Athlete/Actors.

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HATC: US Soccer cuts down, NBA Playoffs, & Tiger injured

Nature Boy, Tuben, and Dave talk US Soccer cuts for the upcoming World Cup, "sweep"ing across the NBA, LeBron laying an egg, and Tiger nursing his neck.  One For The Road continues as Nature Boy lays down Marshall Law on fans, and a musical Top 3... Top 3: Albums to be Exiled with.

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HATC: Caps upset, the HATC jinx lives, & the Steelers Draft

Dave and Tuben welcome Nature Boy back from Sin City and he explains how he won money on a sure-fire LOCK bet.  The guys also discuss their on-going jinxing abilities and the Steelers draft that was before debuting a new segment "One for the Road"... and finishing with the always popular, Top 3!

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NFL Draft: The 3 Faces of Brandon

Mel Kiper and Todd McShay can go to their respective corners and take a breath.  Three days, 164 traded picks, and 255 selections… and the 2010 NFL Draft is officially (mercifully) over.


Arguably, the biggest name involved in any of those trades was that of the Dolphins’ newest wide receiver, Brandon Marshall.  Marshall became the latest casualty of the Josh McDaniels regime in Denver because of multiple off-field issues and his overall insolence toward the Bronco organization.  As soon as the trade was announced, all of the “talking heads” began analyzing it, referring to him as “troublesome” and “cancerous” to a locker room.  Which reminded me of an interview Jim Rome had with the two-time Pro Bowler, only a few months back.  In that interview, Rome asked Marshall about his cousin, Rayshon Williams.  Marshall became Williams’ legal guardian about two years ago because Williams was living in a dangerous neighborhood in Pittsburgh, and Marshall felt that the best way to help his teenage cousin was to bring him into his home in Denver, away from the violence.  During the interview, the 26 year-old wide receiver talked about the responsibility he has undertaken since he welcomed his cousin into his home… making sure Rayshon has done his homework, teaching him hard work and discipline, etc.  Which raises the question, How could someone that does this for his cousin be the same person that pouted about his contract, was in the middle of an incident where a teammate was murdered, and has been involved in multiple domestic abuse episodes?  On the flip side, Marshall is also a part of an on-going effort to rebuild a prominent park in his hometown of Pittsburgh, and was known to volunteer as a speaker at a gang-prevention program in Denver.  The apparent, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” sides of his personality leave any observer wondering, who is Brandon Marshall, really?


This line of thinking reminded me of another famous athlete that has been surrounded by conflicting stories as to what he is really like… Tracy McGrady.  For years, McGrady has been portrayed as a whiny, self-serving malcontent that cannot win in the playoffs.  However, as a person, there have been multiple accounts that speak to McGrady’s unselfishness, kindness, and altruism.  I remember one story in particular.  During the scary saga of the D.C. sniper, there was a young boy that was shot on his way to school.  While the boy was recovering in the hospital, the boy told his doctors and nurses about his favorite basketball player, Tracy McGrady.  Word about his “biggest fan’s” injury made its way to the then 23 year-old guard and he reached out.  First, McGrady sent an inspirational video greeting and an autographed jersey, which would have been more than enough for most athletes, but then he followed it up by flying the boy and his family down to Orlando (where McGrady was playing at the time) once he had recovered to attended a Magic game.  Now, once again, the question arises, who is Tracy McGrady, really?


McGrady obviously hasn’t had the more concerning legal issues that Brandon Marshall has had, but overall their stories are similar to so many of today’s athletes… complaining about the millions of dollars they are getting paid or involved in legal issues, one minute, and then donating their time/money to charities or reaching out to an injured fan, the next.  So, good luck to this year’s newest draft class, and please, leave your Hyde at the door.


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