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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben take their neighborhood rivalry from the playing fields to the podcast circuit as they wax philosophic about the day's latest sports and pop culture news. Expect a wide range of sports knowledge, guest spots from friends, and a whole lot of stupid humor...

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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben are back after a mini holiday break to make their final picks in this year's NFL Challenge!  The guys choose their winners amidst a recap of last week's NFL action and scrutinizing the Pro Bowl rosters.  Then, Dave & Tuben try their best to find the silver-lining to the 2011 Redskins season, and Nature Boy looks ahead to the Steelers' playoff possibilities.  Trivia.

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Nature Boy, Tuben and Dave get after each other on the continuing Tebow melodrama, the inability for James Harrison to learn his lesson, and the need to stay upbeat over the Redskins latest loss.  Also, the FIRST "Challenge" flag is thrown during the guys' NFL Challenge picks!

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Nature Boy, Tuben, & Dave recap the Week 13 NFL action, answer the question "What's the MOST memorable thing of the 2011 NFL season?, and make their NFL Challenge picks for the upcoming weekend's action.  Trivia.

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Tuben & Dempsey hash out whether or not the BCS system "worked" this year, if anyone has the inside track for the Heisman, and they break down the first dozen Bowl games to come.  All that and then Dempsey explains the significance, passion, and traditions that surround one of the great events on the sports calendar, the Army-Navy football game.

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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben recover from their Thanksgiving food comas enough to discuss the growing number of teams with QB problems, the playoff scenarios that lie ahead, and the latest on the Redskins' & Steelers' situations.  All that and the guys make their NFL Challenge picks for Week 13.  Top 3: Sports Records You'd Like to Own.

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