Hog and The Curtain Sports Show

Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben take their neighborhood rivalry from the playing fields to the podcast circuit as they wax philosophic about the day's latest sports and pop culture news. Expect a wide range of sports knowledge, guest spots from friends, and a whole lot of stupid humor...

The Podcasts

Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben discuss a wide range of topics including the NBA All-Star Weekend, NBA & College Basketball predictions, Javale McGee's wild-ride, Michael Jordan's personel decisions, and more.  Top 3: Favorite Characters from Sports Movies.

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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben strap on their straight-jackets in order to explore the "Linsanity"... also, in their roundtable discussion the guys take on the NFL off-season, the "upside" of the NBA lockout, and more.  Trivia.

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Dave and Nature Boy recap the Giants' Super Bowl victory over the Patriots with the help of a (not-so) surprise call-in guest.  The guys discuss the pivotal plays in the game, as well as the effect this game had on the careers of all the big names.

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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben break down Super Bowl XLVI as only 3 half-witted fans can-- expect minimal actual keen insights, plenty of wild speculation, and even more bad gambling tips.  The guys also tackle the age-old question, Rex Grossman or Matt Cassel?, and make their "Final Jeopardy" picks for the Playoff Challenge.  Top 3: Super Bowl Prop Bets.

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