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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben take their neighborhood rivalry from the playing fields to the podcast circuit as they wax philosophic about the day's latest sports and pop culture news. Expect a wide range of sports knowledge, guest spots from friends, and a whole lot of stupid humor...

The Podcasts

Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben go deeper into Super Bowl XLVIII than just Peyton Manning & Richard Sherman to discuss the coaching matchup, outdoor Super Bowls, and a TON of gambling sub-plots.  The guys also welcome a special guest, Geoff Noto, for some extra incite into the Redskins coaching change, the Super Bowl, and more.  Top 3: Favorite Super Bowl Prop Bets.

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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben celebrate HATC's 4th birthday by breaking down last weekend's Conference Championship games including Colin Kaepernick hero-to-goat performance, Richard Sherman's verbal abuser-to-victim performance, and Peyton Manning's symphony.  Trivia.

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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben discuss all the latest NFL action, including Do you "trust" Russell Wilson in a big game?, the 49ers "rope-a-doping" Carolina's young bucks, and of course, like everyone else, a little Peyton vs. Brady talk too.  Trivia.

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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben look back at the "Underdog Uprising" that took place during Wild Card weekend in the NFL playoffs, and make their picks for the upcoming Divisional Playoff games.  Also, Dave and Tuben weigh-in on the Redskins coaching search.  Top 3: 2014 Predictions.

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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben look at the initial list of replacements for the Redskins' Head Coaching vacancy, the refereeing "conspiracy" that kept the Steelers out of the playoffs, and all of the Wild Card weekend matchups.  Trivia.

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