Hog and The Curtain Sports Show

Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben take their neighborhood rivalry from the playing fields to the podcast circuit as they wax philosophic about the day's latest sports and pop culture news. Expect a wide range of sports knowledge, guest spots from friends, and a whole lot of stupid humor...

The Podcasts

Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben discuss a slew of sports topics including the Redskins & Steelers draft picks, the (un)comfortability of Michael Sam's big smooch, Donald Sterling's continued vendetta against Magic Johnson, the Wizards inexperience shining through, and more!  Trivia.

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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben get together to talk about the Bullets' (Wizards... whatever) keys to the series vs. the Pacers, Kevin Durant's emotional MVP speech, and the NBA head coaching carousel.  Trivia.

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