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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben take their neighborhood rivalry from the playing fields to the podcast circuit as they wax philosophic about the day's latest sports and pop culture news. Expect a wide range of sports knowledge, guest spots from friends, and a whole lot of stupid humor...

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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben bask in the glow of the Redskins' & Steelers' win-streaks, as they discuss the Skins stifling defense and the Steelers dynamic offense... as well as, Seattle's upcoming "tape measure" game against the Raiders, Carson Palmer's resurgence, and much more.  Top 3: Better Things to do with $100 than bet on Kirk Cousins.

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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben explore the Redskins & Steelers first concurrent victories of 2014, whether Dallas should run DeMarco Murray into the ground, the Seahawks chances of missing the playoffs (?!?), a possibly costly misinterpretation of Jamaal Charles, and much more!  Trivia.

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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben discuss Week 6 of the NFL season, including their shared depression over the Redskins & Steelers latest performances, Aaron Rodgers' brilliance, and the HATC Survivor Challenge.  Plus, the guys finish with a discussion about the NFL's legislations against playing defense.

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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben talk about all things NFL including the Redskins decades of futility against running QBs, where Russell Wilson ranks among QBs, the Steelers offensive ineptitude, Tom Brady's 1-night career resurgence, waiting for the Chargers to exhale, and much more.  Plus, the guys make their HATC Survivor Challenge picks.  Trivia.

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Dave, Nature Boy, and Tuben discuss Kirk Cousins putting an end to any "QB controversy", Mike Tomlin's culpability in the Steelers' inability to beat inferior competition, Steve Smith's demolition of his former team, and much more.  The guys also make their picks for the HATC NFL Survivor Challenge and preview the upcoming slate of games.  Trivia.

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